Saturday, October 17, 2015

Practical Financial Management on Actual Scenario

Every individual is aiming for an effective financial management for personal budget.
Establishing a balance between inflow of income from different resources and expenses is often
quite a tedious and complicated matter when encountered on an actual scenario. For a fresh
college graduate looking for an entry level job at the employment market, handling personal
financial management tends to be more challenging. With this concern, this paper aims to present
an economic overview of the involved scenario along with gathered ideas and suggestions from
people who have experienced such concern.
One of the main issues in developing personal financial management for new job seekers is their
budget particularly their income. At first, fresh graduates and new job market entrants tend to
rely on their accumulated savings to fund their pursuit while others seek temporary or part-time
jobs to gather income and experience. It is also important to understand that seeking job
opportunity would have their expense in the form of transportation, document requirements,
living allowance and other necessities. To manage such concern, some experienced individuals
suggest to start job search locally or within nearby organizations to minimize cost. Also,
conducting research on the job market particularly based on personal academic field is
advantageous in terms of time and money. During this, applicant can also send out resume
electronically and set up application interview appointments thus maximizing travel concerns
and schedule.
In particular to this author, the concern of job application is considered as a next step after
graduation. Prior to this period, schedule plans and researches have already been done with
regards to market opportunities evaluating them based on personal qualification, preference,
workplace plausibility, and income return. Likewise, since previous debts and educational loans
will be settled before graduation, this author will have the less expenditure concern during job
search whereas his previous saving sum will be allocated largely on paying food and living
expenses during application period. In addition, to gain additional income, this author plans on
having a part-time job at a local business enterprise for the benefit of both professional
experience and income without obstructing scheduling for application interview and follow-up
calls. Through such approach, the demands and necessities of the job application period can be
effectively addressed gaining the best possible opportunity for both financial and professional

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  1. It was not clear to me reading this whether you plan to say in the U.S. after graduation or will return to your home country? You talked about searching locally. How does that fit in with where you will get a job?